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There seems to be a craze in the car buying population to purchase a hatchback instead of a sedan or bakkie or four by four. I frequently feel like everywhere I look I see hatchbacks. There should be a reason for this sudden adoration of the hatchback sort of vehicle, but what is it?

After doing some considering and also a little test driving of numerous cars Autel MaxiDiag MD808, I came to the following few conclusions:

a) The hatchback has much lower fuel consumption. Most hatchbacks are significantly smaller and lighter than other kinds of car. This imlpies that the engine has to work much less to get the same sort of power and speed out of the car. Because the engine has to work less, it needs a smaller amount of petrol, which means you possibly can get further with a lesser amount of petrol autel online.

) The hatchback featuresa tiny turning circle. The way a hatchback is designed is to be tiny and quick. They've a much shorter length and often a shorter wheel base as well. They are not just sedans with the end hacked off, they're actually very different. This shorter wheel base and shorter length makes the car a lot easier to turn. This really is good for those badly built parking lots and mini circles that appear to proliferate our country.

c) The hatchback is less expensive than most other cars. I am not merely talking about the price of purchasing the car, whilst that's usually lower too. I also mean in terms of general running costs. The world is being forced to to tighten their belts and spend as little as possible, so the hatchback meets their automotive needs. They use a smaller amount of petrol and, since they are so popular and are created by so many manufacturers, their parts come fairly cheap as well. So not only do you save on the initial purchase, but you also save on fuel and service costs as well.

So, the hatchback seems to be an extremely good investment. They're cheaper than other forms of cars, in purchase price and running costs. They are more manoeuvrable than other kinds of cars because of the shorter wheel base and car length. The best thing is, they're always also created a lot more sturdy than other varieties of cars as there's a smaller amount of car to absorb impact in the case of a collision. They've all varieties of supports and braces out in to be sure the individuals inside the car have an excellent chance of walking away from an accident, a bit like the driver compartment of a race car, just not really as secure.

All in all, I was impressed by what a hatchback can provide in terms of savings and with out compromising on passenger safety. Quite a few hatchback cars manage to give out a lot more performance than their sedan counterparts as a result of the lightness and size of the car. Maybe the next time I am really shopping for a car I'll think about acquiring a hatchback and joining the ranks of the young at heart once again. What about you?

For more information on hatchback cars like the polo, got o

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It is not out of the ordinary for an attorney to review a possible motor vehicle accident claim in which the individual who is injured and would like to go forward with a claim tells one story of how the accident took place and the driver who would be the defendant tells a completely contradictory account. Of course, in the defendant's account he or she is blameless and is not liable for the accident. Lawyers recognize that individuals from time to time recall incidents as consistent with their own self-image, an image of an individual who is a careful driver, of someone not able to be responsible for causing harm to someone else. It is up to the attorney who reviews the lawsuit for the injured pedestrian to establish what evidence, if any, is available that they can use to invalidate the story of the incident recounted by the potential defendant.

In this accident a 75 year old male pedestrian was hit while crossing the street to get back to his double-parked car. As per the victim he was crossing the street in the middle of the block Autel MaxiSys MS908. As per the defendant the pedestrian abruptly came out from between two parked vehicles and basically ran into the side of the van. He sustained a fracture to his shoulder, a fracture to his collarbone, and a fracture to his ankle. He required screws and a metal plate inserted into his ankle. An energetic person before the accident his life changed significantly after.

The driver refused to offer any evidence of the damage he professed the victim caused to the side of her van. The sole damage that was documented was a cracked windshield - as would be expected from the front of the van striking the pedestrian and inconsistent with the pedestrian hitting the side of the van. But, the defendant抯 insurance company turned down the opportunity to settle the case. The law firm that handled this lawsuit took it to trial and attained a verdict of $475,000 for the victim.

As the above shows defendants will sometimes create versions of the accident that seem to vindicate their action at the time and place blame on the victim. Some common sense is usually all one needs to demonstrate that the accident either could not have taken place based on the driver抯 version or that even if it did that version does not absolve the driver of responsibility for what took place.

To make matters worse, insurance company adjusters appear all to ready to take their insured抯 version of the accident at face value and to fully discount the injured victim抯 account of the accident. In general Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, this makes sense especially if there are no witnesses. Deny a large number of claims and some of them will settle for nuisance value. Of those that do not, if the defense wins even just half those lawsuits at trial the insurance companies will save millions each year.

Deciding whether to retain an accident reconstruction expert for a claim is a matter of judgment. There are times when the use of an expert is absolutely vital but experience should guide the lawyer in figuring out whenever to use that expert. For many situations it is best to not underestimate the jury. Juries are generally very wise and have good common sense. Offer the evidence to them in a manner that helps them connect it to their own experience and they will cut through the driver抯 version.

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Omaha car repair shops play in important role in the transport industry. These establishments provide services that can help the owner maintain the functionality of his vehicle and promote its longevity Autel Diaglink. They have the expertise to fix a problem when the issue is beyond your understanding.

Every owner knows the importance of maintenance, services that can be provided by a good shop. With regular inspection and maintenance, minor issues can be spotted immediately and rectified. This keeps your expenses at a minimum and ensures that the vehicle can be safely driven. This will also help lengthen the life of the vehicle.

When your automobile breaks down for one reason or another, these shops will be the establishment to call. If you get into an accident, you will also need someone to help you return the vehicle to its original condition. These shops can cater to a variety of issues.

These establishments can offer services from glass installation to wheel alignment. The personnel can check on the fluids, the brakes, tires, and the rest of the components. They could specialize in some of these services and even be experts in particular makes and models Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. When you cannot do the work yourself, an auto shop will be able to do the work for you.

One of the things that they can help you with is upgrades. It will not be easy to modify the vehicle given the considerations that have to be made. The right parts will have to be identified and one will have to make arrangements for the installation. These shops can help if you want to upgrade or customize your automobile.

If you take the time to choose a reputable shop, then you can work with certified technicians. Fixing or upgrading a vehicle requires a certain level of expertise. With training, these technicians can provide appropriate solutions to any issue you cannot handle.

Another advantage that omaha car repair shops have is their equipment. The typical homeowner will not have the range of tools these establishments have. These devices can be used to diagnose problems and provide good solutions. With the use of top notch equipment, you can look forward to the best of results.

When you have a vehicle, maintenance and repairs are needed to keep it running. Most people will only be able to address the minor issues. For the more serious problems, they can turn to these businesses. These establishments provide a wide variety of services, from maintenance to repairs.

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For those of you that don抰 really know that much about cars (like me), wheel alignment is a modification that your local auto shop can do for you. It consists of calibrating your tires so that way when you drive, they don抰 wobble to the left or tilt to the right... unless you steer it, of course. When wheels are properly aligned, it allows the driver to have better control when steering & permits the tires to wear evenly. If wheels aren抰 aligned right, then you might have some major problems on your hands.

Wheel alignment can be easily affected autel. Say you抮e driving a little too carelessly & you hit a curb when you抮e making a right turn, or you hit one of those pieces of cement that抯 put in front of you in some parking lots; that can easily make your alignment a little off. Once you accidentally hit one of those objects while you抮e driving Autel Maxisys MS908CV, the orientation of your wheel can become somewhat off-center. If you抮e a typical person like me who doesn抰 really take the time to observe if a little bump messed up the alignment or not, I won抰 be able to tell with my naked eye; but if I take it to a tire shop or a regular auto body store, they抣l most likely be able to tell pretty soon-sooner than you at least.

If a wheel happens to be 搖naligned? you抎 be able to tell pretty soon. The tire that抯 off-center is the one that抯 making your car slant to the right or the left. Let me give you an example, if I was making a right turn at a stop sign & my right front tire hit the curb, then when I drive on the freeway, my car would be slanting the the left because the wheel was pushed to the left. I抎 have to constantly sustain a right-pull on the steering wheel since it抎 be drifting to the left. If I don抰 fix it as soon as I notice it, it抎 cause for the tire to wear faster than the other ones & have a HUGE repercussion on my gas mileage. I have a V6 Toyota 4 Runner so you know I抦 going to be worried about my gas.

When a tire shop notices that the tread wear is uneven, they can tell that you抳e been driving your car for a while without fixing the alignment. Most of the time, the innermost part of the tire tread will become smooth & there抎 be an abundant amount of tread left on the external part, or the other way around. If this happens, you抮e tires would probably last for a shorter amount of time & you may have to spend more money to replace that tire.

If you抮e completely worried that you may have to get your wheels aligned, no worries; it should take about an hour, if not less. When you get this done, the price usually covers the rotation of your wheel; which should help your tires wear evenly... unless you抮e going to hit another curb or something. If you have a Four-Wheel drive vehicle, the shop may want to rotate all four tires even if you just need your front ones fixed. You may want to start calling for quotes, how long it usually takes, & if they rotate all four tires on your car, or just the front ones. Feel free to visit us at here to put some lovely rims on those tires (:

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Car rust is rarely a pretty sight. The moment it begins consuming away your automobile, there's no turning back again. What could you do to stop this "metal cancer" from further spreading? Well, anyone who owns a vehicle inside a humid climate must be battling with automobile rust so it's crucial that suitable vehicle rust prevention measures are done to stop significant injury on your own automobile. Although you can always seek the help of automobile fix stores to do the task for you, you will conserve a great deal should you do the restoration yourself, inside your garage.

If you have made the decision to complete the automobile repair service process of taking away rust inside your vehicle, you very first need a closed garage and never an open up one Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. A closed garage will defend your automobile from overnight dampness and wind that may cause rusting yet again rendering your restoration efforts pointless. Other than a closed automobile garage, basic safety gears including gloves, goggles, and painter's respirator may also be required.

Begin the process by closely scrutinizing your vehicle. Inspect each and every corner then get note or mark the rust spots you see. When you have cautiously marked all of the rust spots, get a wire brush and scrub each of the spots you have marked. Carrying out so will proficiently take away the rust in your auto extensively. Following scrubbing all of the marked spots Autel Diaglink, you now need to get grit sandpaper which means you can sand the marked regions. Do so till a clear steel is visible. By sanding the areas that surround the afflicted spots, you'll be able to guarantee you have removed the rust that might have created below the finished place.

After sanding the metal, borrow a grinder that features a metal grinding wheel from an car restore store. Work slowly and gradually on the sanded steel to provide the bare steel a great complete and create the ideal base for painting. Make sure to gather the dust making use of any soft cloth once you are carried out. A phrase of caution though, be really watchful when employing the grinder as it could do a massive volume of harm in your automobile when used hurriedly. When your motor vehicle already has the correct base for painting, you now need to cover the places bordering the rusted spots. Use newspapers or plastic sheets in order to avoid spray painting on them. Get the primer you bought and use it about the bare steel meticulously making use of a thin paintbrush. However optional, you could possibly overlap the primer on unaffected regions by 1/4 inch. Leave the primer to dry. Right after which, use two a lot more coats.

Lastly, assuming that you've currently bought your desired paint, spray it within the rusted places thinly and evenly. Watch for it to dry prior to you spray the subsequent batch. Determined by your preference, you could utilize a few to 5 coats of paint to get a great complete. Allow the coats to dry thoroughly then polish your car by waxing it.

Who says an aged rusty automobile cannot be restored to its unique luster? All you must do is follow the auto repair approach of taking away auto rust mentioned above and in time you can be happy of your automobile once again.

Marty's Motors provides auto repair services to El Cerrito, CA area. Super guidelines and suggestions on now in our guide to all you have to know about how and where to locate a reliable .

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Accuracy and efficiency are two very important factors that you must consider when choosing from the wide range of marine battery chargers that you can normally find on the internet. And because you would be using the charger on your boat, the charger that you choose would have to be sturdy enough to withstand rough weather conditions. A few other factors that make a big impact on your choice of battery charger are:

* The imperfection of the sine waves under which the battery would be charged.

* The all-too-familiar risk of overcharging when you are using a charger that is not compatible with the battery. This is why it is important that you know what the specifications of your battery are, as well as its capacity and input voltage.

* The battery bank's charging configuration, whether you would need to buy a charger with one up to four banks depending on the number of batteries that need to be charged.

You must also note that there are two different types of marine battery chargers: on- and off-board. An off-board charger is typically portable and less expensive than the on-board type, and because it can just be stored at your garage Autel Maxisys MS908CV, you no longer have to worry about the installation process for this type. A major drawback, though, is that this has more danger of overcharging so you would have to constantly keep watch during the charging process.

On the other hand, an on-board charger is a lot more expensive because of its waterproof construction. You would also have to install this into the boat as part of your battery's integral component and just leave it while charging without having to worry too much about overcharging. The charger's self-regulatory mechanism automatically shuts off the charging process as soon as the battery is fully charged.

There is a wide variety of marine battery chargers being sold by numerous online stores. Prices differ according to the battery's brand as well as its special features and other specifications. Some of the chargers that you would normally be able to find if you conduct a search right now include:

* A waterproof charger that runs on 12 volts and costs somewhere around seventy dollars. This charger is fully automatic and can be used both on boats at sea and on freshwater boats. It is controlled by an electronic microprocessor so it can be left plugged into the power source and to the battery without much danger. However, if you are rather concerned about safety, the charger has indicators when charging so that you would know if the battery is already full.

* Another charger also runs on 12 volts, but it is bigger with 3 banks that can charge three batteries simultaneously and can be bought for less than a hundred and thirty bucks. It is also waterproof, controlled through a microprocessor so has no danger of overcharging Autel MaxiCOM MK808, and can be used both on fresh and salt-water applications. Some of its other features include temperature and ignition protection.

These chargers are available on other online stores such as Amazon and Defender, as well as on electronic stores throughout the nation.

Are you looking for more information regarding marine battery chargers? Visit today!

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Drivers need to be assured they have adequate auto insurance to provide protection for every possible situation but they don't want to pay more than they have to Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. How do they reach a happy balance?

The first step is to talk to their present insurer and discuss their total auto insurance policy. Ask if there are any areas that can be eliminated, or perhaps carry less coverage to bring down the annual premium. This might include considering the viability of insuring a vehicle for collision coverage when it is more than ten years old. Ask about loyalty cost breaks if the client has been with the current provider for a few years. Next, phone two or three other auto insurance providers and discuss the exact same conditions, and compare costs autel maxidas ds808. This can be a real eye-opener and result in a variance of hundreds of dollars between quotes. Auto insurance brokers are also helpful if vehicle owners decide to change carriers. They have a network of insurance companies with which they work and they can often get the best deal while saving the policy holder a lot of time.

A driver's financial situation needs to be factored in when it comes to liability. If the client has a lot of assets, but aren't adequately covered for an accident where the other party is injured or experiences loss of property, they may lose all their assets in a settlement if they are at fault. These clients should carry a higher liability auto insurance, which will raise the premium. On the other hand, people with fewer assets can carry a lower liability coverage.

Each insurance agency will ask questions about traffic violations. Speeding tickets, stunting, accidents and driving under the influence of alcohol will all increase the insurance premium. Not only will the driver incur high fines, possible vehicle impounding and potential fatalities, they will continue to pay through high auto insurance premiums for a number of years after the infraction.

Keep in mind that bundling more than one insurance policy may save some dollars. Be sure to ask if there is a discount if home owner or tenant coverage is also placed with the same company as the auto insurance. There are plenty of websites where drivers can get quotes on auto insurance. Most online websites will have a 1-800 number for specific questions and for continued service if the client selects that provider's policy.

There are many ways to get adequate auto insurance without paying exorbitant costs and every owner will benefit from spending time comparing rates and coverage.

Many companies now offer the ability to get the latest auto insurance rates and quotes online. Having the ease of use to locate the best insurance company that suits your needs has now become alot easier and less time consuming for people looking for the most direct information insurance companies can offer.

A comprehensive insurance policy is the ideal solution for all family members to be covered under, like anything in life, prices and fees will go up, but knowing you and your family have the full protection that is requuire will give you piece of mind.

Get the latest auto insurance quotes from today.

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Can you hear the sleigh bells start to ring? It's that time of year again, and time to start thinking of what to get people for Christmas. But what do you buy for someone who does delivery work, and spends a large proportion of their time on the road? To save you sitting and scratching your head for hours Autel MaxiCOM MK808, here are some ideas to get you started.

Hot and Cold

We've all seen or heard of a mini fridge, and no doubt we've all wished at some point on a hot day that we had one in our vehicle. Now this concept has been taken one step further with the portable mini-fridge/warmer that plugs straight into the cigarette lighter. In summer, keep drinks and sandwiches cool and refreshing in the fridge. But in winter, take the comforts of home on the road with you as you do your delivery work; a flick of a switch means that you can use this nifty device as a warmer to heat up home-made soup, or a nice cup of hot chocolate. A great Christmas present, the mini-fridge/warmer will keep drivers going all year round.

Let me entertain you

When doing delivery work, regular breaks are a necessity, but these can be very boring. Why not buy a portable DVD player for Christmas, with a selection of movies or sitcoms to keep the driver in your life amused? Again, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and let the entertainment begin. Downtime between deliveries, or nights on the road will never drag again with a few episodes of some light-hearted comedy to distract and divert.

Valuable vouchers

Everybody who does delivery work looks in their wallet from time to time and marvels at the number of service station receipts they have accumulated. Whether it's a sandwich and a packet of crisps to keep you going until dinner, a coke to wash it down with autel maxidas ds808, or a coffee to give you that kick of caffeine, drivers have to make regular food and drink stops. Why not treat them to a Costa or Starbucks voucher; it'll give them a chance to swap basic cafeteria coffee for something a little more special every now and then, and each time the voucher is swiped they will think of you.

Mix it up a little

For a particularly personal Christmas gift, put together a mix tape of all their favourite music. When you're on the road for long periods of time, there is nothing worse than hearing the same song come on the radio over and over again - particularly when it comes onto every radio station you try. Put together a selection of songs that you know they love, add in a few humorous songs or comedy skits that will make them laugh and the next time the radio gets too repetitive they will have the perfect alternative. It can also be a surprising amount of fun for you to put together the soundtrack for their delivery work.

It can be hard to think of a good Christmas present for someone who's always on the road. But before you despair and start to fill their stocking with essentials such as screen wash, de-icer and air fresheners, use your initiative to think of presents that will make their delivery work more fun.

Lyall Cresswell is the Managing Director of Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry across the UK and Europe. It provides services for delivery work to buy and sell road transport and freight exchange in the domestic and international markets.

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If you were recently involved in some type of accident or have neglected your care a little it may be in need of some attention. This can happen to even the best of car lovers. You may need to get auto body repair. But what are the steps you should take in the event that you need auto body repair. A lot of times auto body repairs are avoided due to simply not knowing what to do when repairs are needed. So, here are some helpful steps to take if you need auto body repairs to get your car looking its best!

The first step is to find out if your insurance company and policy cover the damages that were incurred to your vehicle Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. Then you need to find out how much they cover and also know you deductable. Once you have that figured out you can go on to the next step.

You will then need to find out how much money you have that you can spend on the repair out of pocket or in unison with your insurance. Once you figure that out you will know how much you have available to spend on repairs for your vehicle.

Then you really need to find a qualified auto body repair specialist at a well known and recommended auto body shop. It will be important if you are using your insurance to find an auto body shop that accepts the insurance and will work hand in hand with your insurance provider. There are some auto body shops that do a great job with this. Once you know that they will work with your insurance provider you will need to check that they are an upstanding repair shop. Make sure that you see for yourself that they provide quality work to your standards. Also check their prices and see that they are comparable to what you can afford to spend. Also, if your car is in need of more than one type of repair you should search for an auto body shop that offers all the services your vehicle needs with a high level of quality. Make sure that you get a quote from the auto body shop before you agree to let them begin work on your vehicle. No work should be completed without your consent, that way there are not any surprise bills.

Once you have found the auto body shop and received a price quote for the repairs you need to set up a time for them to begin work on your car. Depending on the degree of what needs to be done you may be without a car for a while. If that is the case you may need to make arrangements to get a rental car, unless you have another form of transportation.

So, if you are in need of auto body repair there are a lot of things you will need to do and take into consideration when planning a budget and place to get them repaired Autel MaxiSys MS908. Make sure you take the time and follow all the steps to get your car back to new in no time!

If your car is in need of auto reconditioning start looking for a qualified professional to handle your concerns. Look for an auto body professional to take care of your ride from interior repair to fixing the major auto body repairs.

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So, the Low Emission Zone has now been in effect for three months and fuel prices are continuing to rise. The freight industry is most certainly in crisis - as shown last month, when one haulage company presented a coffin representing the bankruptcy of many smaller firms and the loss of road haulage jobs to parliament. While LEZ has reduced the number of high emission haulage vehicles entering London (no surprise, considering the hefty fines required otherwise!) it certainly hasn't made our job any easier, and so there seems like no better time to review the London LEZ, congestion charges and similar schemes around the country.


The most major event to happen in the capital in the last few months was the ousting of Ken Livingstone as mayor of London. Boris Johnson won the May 1st election, and this should be treated with cautious optimism by us Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. It's no secret that Livingstone's policies weren't exactly haulier friendly, but will Johnson be any better? In his manifesto, he promised to review the London Low Emission Zone, and pay more attention to the views of the transport industry, and that does thankfully include us with jobs in the road haulage industry. He even described the LEZ as "hastily implemented" in an interview with Motor Transport, but haulage workers of London shouldn't celebrate just yet. It appears the anti-LEZ stance was a fairly recent development, and as recently as February, his website said "will support the Low Emission Zone to improve air quality", so I wouldn't say we're home and dry just yet! If anything, we must continue to apply pressure to ensure he is true to his word and listens to us - even if his mind if already made up.

Elsewhere, following the ‘success' of the London Low Emission Zone, Glasgow has become the next UK city to announce plans to introduce a similar scheme. Like London, the scheme is aimed to improve air quality and reduce congestion in the city centre, but will also extend to ways of tackling vehicles "idling by the roadside". It's still in the planning stage, so no costs have been announced, but Scots with road haulage jobs (or those who regularly take loads north of the border) should be prepared for more strain on their wallet. Although currently without a start date, the city had pledged to have a LEZ in place before the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Congestion Charges

The good news is that incoming mayor Boris Johnson has scrapped the plan to charge high-emission vehicles a £25 per day central London congestion charge. That's a manifesto promise, so we have to make sure he sticks to it, but unlike the LEZ it is a promise he has made, so we have reason to be positive about this.

The general perception outside of the industry is that the central London congestion charge is working brilliantly, and there's talk of a similar scheme being introduced to the east midlands. Like the central London congestion charge, motorists would have to pay a fee to enter city centres during peak hours thus creating funds to promote other transportation methods. Likely to be included in the scheme are Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. Another city (though not in the midlands) to show an interest in the scheme is Norwich, but the council's plans to implement the scheme have stalled because the estimated revenue would not be able to fund sufficient transport improvements autel.

Hopefully a new study out this month will make these local councils reconsider. Researchers from King's College, London have come to the conclusion that 2003's central London congestion charges have made no overall difference to smog in the city because more taxis and buses have taken on the strain of commuters who have abandoned their cars. The researches in charge also pointed out the congestion zone only covers 1% of the Greater London area, so it was unlikely to have a marked impact. The increase in buses resulted in ruling out any initial improvements made, although they pointed out that it reduced traffic down by 40,000 vehicles per day.

Against this backdrop, we have news that the price of fuel is going to continue to rise this year (£1.50 per litre by autumn is one estimate), and we have to accept that it's going to be a tough time for those of us with road haulage jobs. The best we can do? Continue to look out for our fellow hauliers, back the Road Haulage Association and be sure to keep petitioning the government and the new mayor. Boris Johnson has pledged to listen to us - it's now time to see if he will keep his word.

Lyall Cresswell is the Managing Director of the Haulage Exchange. The exchange is for the heavy freight and logistics industry and offers haulage jobs for freight companies and owner operators all over the UK.

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